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Re: What am I missing

you can compile tcleci.cpp without the sdk installed as of
Emacspeak 15.0
please check your facts before jumping to conclusions.
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@pobox.une.edu.au> writes:

    Tim> Yes, your right. I'd forgotten that. It also means
    Tim> you cannot compile the tcleci.cpp file, which of
    Tim> course you should no longer need to do as I believe
    Tim> a compiled version comes with emacspeak versions
    Tim> 15.0 or higher.

    Tim> Tim
>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina@afb.net> writes:

    Janina> Tim: It seems the command line ViaVoice test scripts are
    Janina>     Janina> installed by the sdk and not the rtk, so he may not have
    Janina> them as the latest emacspeak works with only the rtk
    Janina> installed.

    Janina> On Tue, 7 May 2002, Tim Cross wrote:

    >>> Well, it could be any number of things. You need to establish
    >>> exactly what is working. The first thing you should do is make
    >> sure that viavoice is working properly. If you look in
    >> /usr/lib/ViaVoiceTTS/samples/cmdlinespeak you will find a
    >> sample program which you can run to verify via-voice is
    >> installed correctly etc.
    >> If that works, the next step is to test the emacspeak
    >> driver. If you look in the emacspeak Makefile you will see some
    >> instructions on how to test the d\river. If that works, then we
    >> need to check out your emacspeak installation more closely.
    >> Here are some common problems to watch out for -
    >> 1. Do you have permission to access the sound device? A common
    >> symptom here is that you can run the viavoice test program as
    >> root and it works find, but it won't work as a non-root
    >> user. Most recent linux distributions have a group you need to
    >> be a member of in order to access certain devices like the
    >> sound device. I think from memory that Mandrake has an "audio"
    >> group and you need to be a member of that group to get any
    >> audio output. Check the Mandrake manual.
    >> 2. Many (most) modern Linux distributions install tcl, but do
    >> not install extended tcl. Make shure you have installed
    >> extended tcl. A symptom of missing extended tcl is that the
    >> test of the emacspeak driver (in this case outloud) will return
    >> errors about not being able to find tcl.
    >> 3. The drivers for the viavoice software speech synth rely on a
    >> small c++ program which may need to be compiled. Check you have
    >> a file called tcleci.so in the servers/linux-outloud directory
    >> of the emacspeak installation. If you don't, then you need to
    >> compile the tcleci.cpp program in the servers/linux-outloud
    >> directory by running make and then make install.
    >> If after all of this it still will not work, then post to the
    >> list again with an outline of what you did and any
    >> error/diagnostic messages which might help track down your
    >> problem.
    >> Tim >>>>> "Pete" == Pete Sinnott <pete_sinnott@image47.com>
    >> writes:
    Pete> Hi, I have installed all of the ViaVoice packages and
    Pete>     Pete> Emacspeak 16.  When I load Emacspeak I get the voice message
    Pete> "this is emacspeak" .  The compile-Log tells me Press C-h
    Pete> C-e to get an overview of emacsapeak 16.0 I am completely
    Pete> operational, and all circuits are functioning perfectly!  I
    Pete> do not hear any sound.  It would appear the system is not
    Pete> working or am I missing something.
    Pete> Pete
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