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Re: Cannot find -ltcl [Was It works!!]

Hi Pete,

Very glad your now up and running.

Just for the archives, I think Pete's problem was due to changes in
the symbolic links that exist in the /usr/lib directory. I've noticed
this problem with Debian and it now seems SuSe has the same

The symptom of the problem is when attempting to build the shared
library for the ViaVoice driver, the make returns an error indicating
it could not find the tcl library. 

When I had this problem on Debian I looked in the /usr/lib directory
and found that there were symlinks for libtclx8.3.so to
libtclx8.3.so.1 etc, but know libtcl.so one. Although I may be
mistaken, I believe that when you include a library with the -l switch
in a compilation, it appends the name of the library to the string lib
and then appends .so to that. For example, if looking for the tcl
library it would look for a library called libtcl.so. 

The solution which I used and which I believe also worked for Pete was
to create a symlink in lib using the command

ln -s libtclx8.3.so libtcl.so

(Note the 8.3 depends on the version of tcl you have installed).


>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Sinnott <pete_sinnott@image47.com> writes:

    Pete> Hi Tim, I wanted to thank you and other on the list for your
    Pete> help.  I am now up and running.  I deleted and reinstalled
    Pete> the libraries (tcl,tk & tclx) from the suese source and
    Pete> linked them as you recomended and it Emacspeaks 16.0 Runs on
    Pete> Suse 8.0!!

    Pete> Thank you,

    Pete> Pete

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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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