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Re: Cannot find -ltcl [Was It works!!]

these symlinks should be updated when a particular rpm like
tclx is installed.
In general it doesn't hurt to run ldconfig as root once in a
while to get things updated correctly.
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@pobox.une.edu.au> writes:

    Tim> Hi Pete, Very glad your now up and running.

    Tim> Just for the archives, I think Pete's problem was
    Tim> due to changes in the symbolic links that exist in
    Tim> the /usr/lib directory. I've noticed this problem
    Tim> with Debian and it now seems SuSe has the same
    Tim> situation.

    Tim> The symptom of the problem is when attempting to
    Tim> build the shared library for the ViaVoice driver,
    Tim> the make returns an error indicating it could not
    Tim> find the tcl library.

    Tim> When I had this problem on Debian I looked in the
    Tim> /usr/lib directory and found that there were
    Tim> symlinks for libtclx8.3.so to libtclx8.3.so.1 etc,
    Tim> but know libtcl.so one. Although I may be mistaken,
    Tim> I believe that when you include a library with the
    Tim> -l switch in a compilation, it appends the name of
    Tim> the library to the string lib and then appends .so
    Tim> to that. For example, if looking for the tcl
    Tim> library it would look for a library called
    Tim> libtcl.so.

    Tim> The solution which I used and which I believe also
    Tim> worked for Pete was to create a symlink in lib
    Tim> using the command

    Tim> ln -s libtclx8.3.so libtcl.so

    Tim> (Note the 8.3 depends on the version of tcl you
    Tim> have installed).

    Tim> Tim

>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Sinnott <pete_sinnott@image47.com> writes:

    Pete> Hi Tim, I wanted to thank you and other on the list for your
    Pete>     Pete> help.  I am now up and running.  I deleted and reinstalled
    Pete> the libraries (tcl,tk & tclx) from the suese source and
    Pete> linked them as you recomended and it Emacspeaks 16.0 Runs on
    Pete> Suse 8.0!!

    Pete> Thank you,

    Pete> Pete

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