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viavoice 5.0?


After many trials and tribulations, I've gotten emacspeak plus viavoice
almost running on my son's computer.  The problem I'm running into now
is that the outloud server hangs pretty regularly.  Even on the
cmdlinespeak test program, it runs fine but the eciSynchronize() call at
the end never returns.  From various mailing list archives, it sounds
like there's an incompatibility with the alsa drivers (I'm using the
alsa 0.9rc1 drivers with the via 686 sound chip).  Unfortunately the
drivers that come with the kernel don't seem to work any better (I'm
running 2.4.18).  I also tried a soundblaster live card with no better

I'm running ViaVoice 5.1 which I obtained from
ftp://people.redhat.com/jlamb.  Supposedly ViaVoice 5.0 works with the
alsa drivers, but I can't find that version anywhere.  Would anyone be
willing to supply me with the ViaVoice 5.0 RPMs?



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