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Emacspeak questions from Marvin

Its Marvin here.
could you please answer several questions for me.  They are:

1.  Where can i get emacspeak and speak up from?
2.  Does it come with a built in speech synthizizer?
3. Can i use Emacspeak to configure workstations and servers?
4. Which version of linux and unix will Emacspeak work with?
5.  Could you please send me the short cut keys for Emacspeak and speak  ?
6.  Can you send me some basic commands and shortcut keys for linux and 
Please e-mail me privately via marvkin@hotmail.com
Ps:  I need this info as i will be taking a couple of classes in networks 
next semester at my college.  if jaws  cannot work well and configuring owkr 
stations and servers using win 2000 and novell, then i would use the linux 
and unix operatins systems for my case study for these subjects.
Cheers Marvin.

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