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Re: Emacspeak questions from Marvin

marvin hunkin writes:
 > Hello.
 > 1.  Where can i get emacspeak and speak up from?

http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.linux-speakup.org/

Note that Emacspeak is a speech interface to the Emacspeak
environment, which allows you to carry out a full range of computing
and desktop tasks. Speak-up is a screen reader that runs under the
Linux console. They are separate projects and take very different
approaches to providing the user with a speech-based means of
operating the computer.

 > 2.  Does it come with a built in speech synthizizer?

No, but you can connect a hardware synthesizer, or download either IBM
ViaVoice or Festival Lite and use it with Emacspeak. I once read an
announcement indicating that a software-only synthesizer was being
developed for speak-up, but as I haven't used Speak-Up I don't know
whether this synthesizer is actually working yet, or still very much
under development.

 > 3. Can i use Emacspeak to configure workstations and servers?

Yes, and you can even run Emacs remotely on the workstation or server
while directing the output to the speech synthesizer running on your
local machine.

 > 4. Which version of linux and unix will Emacspeak work with?

Anything that GNU Emacs 20.x or 21.x will run on, and that TCLX 8.x
supports, which in practical terms means all versions of Linux and all
modern versions of Unix. Very old Unix versions might have
incompatibilities, but I am not aware of any.

 > 5.  Could you please send me the short cut keys for Emacspeak and speak  ?

All of the documentation is provided online. The Emacspeak HOWTO is
available from the Emacspeak web site at the URI given above.

 > 6.  Can you send me some basic commands and shortcut keys for linux and 
 > unix?

Try visiting http://www.linuxdoc.org/ and reading some of the
introductory documentation, or searching the web for introductory Unix
manuals, or buying the O'Reilly Unix CD Bookshelf and reading
"Learning the Unix Operating System" and other books on the CD that
might be of interest to you, or enrolling in a Linux/Unix training
course, or joining your local Linux user's group, or obtaining an
introductory Linux book in electronic form from one of the publishers,
or reading the Linux Network Administrator's Guide, etc. - whichever
of these you consider appropriate and find useful. I would also
suggest reading the online Emacs documentation carefully, if you plan
to use Emacspeak.

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