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German ViaVoice


To all people who need german speech output sometimes,
we figured out that it is actually doable with ViaVoice.

1. You know, you need the viavoice rtk (whereever you get that from).
2. Now, viavoice-dictation, available from the IBM
site, is a dictation software tool, but it
also contains a file named deu50.so (also fra50.so).
Download the RPM, and extract this .so files.
They are in /usr/lib/ViaVoice/javaspeakpad/bin/deu50.so
Copy that somewhere, maybe /usr/lib/

3. Change into your linux-outloud directory, 
where the eci.ini file resides. This is most probably

Now call 
/usr/lib/ViaVoiceTTS/bin/inigen /usr/lib/deu50.so

The inigen executable should add the necessary stuff
to your eci.ini so that the alternative language files
can be found.

Now you should only need to C-e C-s, and the german/france
voices are available.

Switching: Emacspeak doesn't provide any way
of switching synthesizer languages AFAIK, so here
is a little snippet you can use to switch between

(when (featurep 'emacspeak)
  (defun viavoice-set-language (lang)
     ((eq lang 'german)
      (dtk-interp-queue "`l4 Deutsch")
     ((eq lang 'english)
      (dtk-interp-queue "`l1 English")
     (t (error "Unknown language"))))
  (defun emacspeak-set-language-to-german ()
    (viavoice-set-language 'german))
  (defun emacspeak-set-language-to-english ()
    (viavoice-set-language 'english))
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e") 'emacspeak-set-language-to-english)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c d") 'emacspeak-set-language-to-german))

P.S.: AFAIU, viavoice outloud TTS is no longer
available, and the license is out-dated.  So my understanding is
that using viavoice is effectively illegal.
So all this is just for educational purposes,
you have been warning. 


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