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eflite lisp files?


As some of you may know, eflite is a single-voice english
software speech server for emacspeak.

It currently only provides a binary executable, which is
used via DTK_TCL=/usr/bin/eflite

Now, there is only a little problem: No one
has written the necessary lisp-level code
for it yet.  I somehow don't grasp the
way all this works, so I wanted to ask if anyone is knowledgeable
enough to do this?  AFAIU, the voices settings
should effectively be empty.  eflite doesn't support
any type of voice-change right now.

Can anyone come up with a eflite-voices and eflite-css which

The problem right now is that the eflite maintainer filters
the dtk-escape codes, and this results in major
text-loosage sometimes.  It makes eflite effectively


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