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it works, kind of

Well, after almost four years of persisting, I now have emacspeak 15.0 running on a mandrake 7.2 machine.
OK, I'll admit it before anyone thinks it;
I've come across a couple problems which I can't seem to resolve by reading the FAQ, online web based manual.  Firstly, when trying to view the emacspeak local documentation control e D, I get an empty buffer.
when running term, I can't seem to review the output.  For instance, ls or locate which should all come back with something, I can't determine where to find the output.  I've tried control x o to go to the next window, look at list of buffers with no luck.
Finally, the w3 package, which I think is supposed to come with emacspeak, I don't think is on my machine?
Thanks in advance.
Lui Greco
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada