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Tourism Program For The Blind



EST. 1999

Quito, July 26th, 2002

Dear Friends :

Greetings from Ecuador, South-America. We are pleased to Announce the Tourist Services for the Blind that our Nube Sierra Foundation is offering in our country since 99.

Ecuador is located in the Northern West side of South-America, the Equatorial line goes through it, that is the reason why the country is named that way. Quito the capital or Guayaquil major port, are 4 hours flight from Miami.

Give your relatives or closer friends the opportunity to visit and be part of the Natural Wonders that Ecuador has to offer. Our program is designed especially for them. Being Ecuador so rich in natural wonders we will enhance the Senses by experimenting the true greatness of nature in Smell, Odor, Touching and Tasting. They will be interacting with other blind people, giving them a great opportunity to learn from each other as well .

Nube Sierra Foundation counts with the equipment and knowledge required to attend your family or friends, guarantying a safe and unforgettable experience to the visitors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information about the program, we will answer you as soon as possible.

It will be our honor to work for you.



E-mail: funubesierra@andinanet.net

Phone: ( 593-2 ) 254 - 6669

Phone/Fax: ( 593-2 ) 250 - 6632

Address: Av. Colon 1133 y Av. Amazonas

Edificio Arista , 2do Piso, Oficina # 204