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Re: New to Linux and Emacs


Since you've installed Red Hat, you might be best off installing emacspeak 
using rpm, the Red Hat Package Manager. If you've installed with the 
latest iso images, emacspeak 16.0 should be on one of those disks, and the 
command would be:

rpm -iv emacspeak*

You will also need Jim Van Zandt's emacspeak-ss, which is also in an rpm, 
if I recall. Look for it on the same CD ROM.

I must confess, though, that I don't recall if there's a speech server for 
Apollo. If there isn't, go to:


and get eflite working for software speech with emacspeak.

One quick tip: Trying out emacspeak is really a matter of learning emacs. 
So, you can start learning with Speakup--and there may be advantages to 
that. The speech feedback will be clunkier, but far more forgiving. And 
the reward is that you'll know how to do some things once you get 
emacspeak working.

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