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Re: w3 and yet another problem.

Ok I've uninstalled w3 and re installed it again with the same result.  It
keeps saying (Rong type arguement (Stringp nill)  The commands that I've
used are:

move the tar file into /usr/src/linux
type tar xvf w3.tar
that makes a directory called w3-4.0pre.47
go to that directory and type
./configure --with-emacs
after that I type make
It tells me that nothing needs to be done to info but I usually type make
info any way.
Then I type make install
A script is displayed on the screen as its suppose to so I type make
dotemacs and it tells me that lines have been added to /root/.emacs
I go on line by using wvdial,
go to a different console,
go into emacs,
press alt plus X
Type w3-fetch
only type linux.ie  because http://www. is already there
I think I heard something like default file error or something like that.
It goes past too quick to write it down.

People keep telling me to go into the messages file so that would probably
be a good idea.  Is there a way of logging everything that is displayed on
the screen into a file?  This could let me see the lines before the error
message and give me some idea as to the cause.



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