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Emacs 21 and W3

Note: (do not send me email asking questions directly)

Do not attempt to use the packaged up versions of W3 --typically
available as  w3-4.0-pre-xx
under Emacs 21 --it will not work.

Your options are:

1) Install the version available from cvs at 
--you will need to grab packages url and w3.

2) If not comfortable using CVS --wait for some kind soul to package
   it up and make it available as a tarball --again, please dont ask

If you do (2), you'll get the best performance if you also run
   Emacspeak out of its CVS version.

3) Run Emacs 20.7 --
--the easiest way to do this on a running RH system which already has
Emacs 21 pre-installed is to grab the tarball and do the standard 
./configure ; make make install --
and let it do  its default and install to /usr/local --this will give
you both emacs 20 and emacs 21.

Best Regards,

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