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Hello all,
I'm still talking about w3.  Basically I made a mess of Emacs and I'm going
to have to reinstall red hat.

I have a question or two though.
I am using Red Hat 7.3 with the included version of Emacs "21.2-2" I am then
using the following applications with it.  As far as I know, emacspeak works
fine with it or, it will as soon as I get it to increase the speech rate for
my apollo but I'll come back to that one.
Add ones
w3  I don't know what version it is but I think its the latest as I
downloaded it off their web site.

Question 1 of a few.  Are there any products in that list that you have
tried and will not work for emacs 21.2-2?  I ask this because I couldn't get
w3 to work.  "For more information refer to my prier Emails"
Question 2 of a few.  If any applications above just will not work with
emacs 21.2-2 How then do I revert to emacs 20.7-41.  I ask this because I
just made a mess of my current Red hat install by deleting dependencies.  I
suppose that's why Linux is so stable.  It won't let you just delete one
file.  You have to make your way up.  Would it help if I didn't install
Emacs during installation?  If so then what files do I need to get for emacs
20.7-41?  Will I find them on the Red Hat 7.7.2 directory of the REDHAT.com

Ok, that's all my questions "For Now"

Thanks in advance

PS. Is there a way of viewing all the dependencies of a program such as
emacs all at once?  That could have saved me a lot of time.

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the pub"   |

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