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Testing emacspeak installation

Dear Newsgroup

I’ve had problems getting emacspeak to function. I had Linux (red hat 7.1) 
installed, I downloaded the latest version of emacspeak 16 ( 
emacspeak-16.0-1.i386.rpm ) and installed the via voice drivers.

None of the commands appear to function properly and the computer freezes. 
The command to “kill the buffer” doesn’t work as well. My understanding from 
reading to How To guide is that emacspeak should read the help menu. However 
the only audio output from emacspeak is the start icon.

I know that I will probably have to re-install some of the programs. Before 
doing that I wish to isolate the problem.

How do I test if emacs is functioning correctly?

How do I test if emacspeak is the problem?

Any problems with the lastest version of Emacspeak 16?

Another issue is that I could not find the ViaVoice TTS files on the IBM 
site as stated in the Installing Emacspeak HOWTO.


I finally tracked the ViaVoice TTS files down at this URL


Daryl Croke.

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