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Re: some question

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Happy wrote:

> Hi
> I have some problem about emacspeak.
> 1. Can I use emacspeak with slackware? Iheard that emacspeak can be use with several version of linux, such as redhat, debian etc.
Yes, of course. Emacspeak will run under any Unix-like operating system,
including all versions of Linux.
> 2. When I set emacspeak, I got message speaker cannot running. How can I solver this problem?

First, follow the installation instructions carefully. If you have done
so, you should have tested the Emacspeak speech server independently of
Emacspeak itself. If the speech server works, then, given the correct
settings of some environmental variables, Emacspeak should run correctly
(unless it hasn't been installed properly).

Secondly, when you raise questions on this mailing list, it is important
to include relevant technical information so that others can help you. For
example, what type of speech synthesizer are you using? What steps did you
take to install Emacspeak? Did the speech server run correctly?
Subscribers to this mailing list are more likely to help you if it is
clear that you have read the documentation and that you have some idea of
what you are doing.

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