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voice family - dynamic control of aural style sheets

Dear Mailing List

Can anyone supply me with a list of voice family names supported by 
I am putting a site online soon and want to add different voices to an 
attached aural style sheet.

I also have a question about the "play during" function of aural style 
sheets. Do audio files loop in the background or just play once? How small 
should attached audio files be?

Last questions. Has anyone ever produced a function that allows users to 
choose between different aural style sheets? I have developed code using 
javascript and coldfussion that allows users to select different aural 
styles sheets but I am not sure if w3/emacspeak will be able to deal with 
the code.

I will put the site online soon and let the mail list know the URL, I hope 
that it works.

Daryl Croke

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