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Re: More on Flash and Emacspeak

Daryl Croke writes:
> The audio content in the flash movie is 
> the text on the page spoken by a voice actor.

But, this is precisely what the DAISY specifications are about. Furthermore, they provide for tight coupling of the audio and the text--even to the word
level, though that currently involves a usually prohibitive amount of coding.

And, the specifications are backward compatible in that one can still view text using a standard browser, or listen to the audio using a standard audio

There's no need to reinvent this wheel, as the spec also supports inclusion of graphics.

So, in the DAISY instance, the multimedia is not a supplanting alternative, but a tight reinforcement among the various media types.

PS: You should also consider that not everyone on unix type platforms is using emacspeak, either. That's why the open, consensus standards-based
approach is so impportant.

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