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More on Flash and Emacspeak


Thanks for all the comments about Flash and Emacspeak. I take the point 
about commercial software and the problems with JAWS. I want to take up some 
of the advice about SVG and SMIL, as they seem more integrated solution.

I developed a site mentioned earlier as a research project. I used cold 
fussion and JavaScript to change aural styles sheets. From the comments it 
won’t work with emacspeak and JAWS of cause doesn't support aural style 
sheets. The inclusion of Flash for audio narration was a "backup" in case 
the aural style sheets method didn't work. Unfortunately I couldn't get 
Emacspeak working in time so I couldn't test and develop alternatives. The 
site does not rely on flash tough. The audio content in the flash movie is 
the text on the page spoken by a voice actor. I don't believe that 
multimedia should ever be used as an alternative to text content.

Daryl Croke.


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