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Error in user manual.


I would like to point out a glaring error in Jennifer's user manual which
needs correcting.

Jennifer writes:
"If you want to use auditory icons and ViaVoice is your speech synthesizer,
to see whether or not you have a multi-channel sound card (try playing a CD
and a
.au file at the same time - if it works, you have a multi-channel card). If
card is not multi-channel, you must install the application."

First, multichannel only works on the pcm channel which runs wave files, mp3
files, real audio, and of course viavoice. The CDA channel which the audio
cd's play on have always been independant channels from the pcm channel. of
course, that means that all sound cards will play audio and pcm channels at
the same time. Which means the only way to correctly test for multichannel
is to play more than one wave files at the same time or play wave files with
viavoice going, etc.
Also note some cards are multichannel, but some Linux drivers don't support
the multichannel ability of the card.


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