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Error in user manual.

Yes, this is indeed an error --thanks for catching it.
Unfortunately Jennifer is now long gone and there is no one actively
maintaining those documents --so 
I dont know when  or if it will get updated.
>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Ward <slingshooter@valkyrie.net> writes:

    Thomas> Hi.  I would like to point out a glaring error in
    Thomas> Jennifer's user manual which needs correcting.

    Thomas> Jennifer writes: "If you want to use auditory icons and
    Thomas> ViaVoice is your speech synthesizer, check to see whether
    Thomas> or not you have a multi-channel sound card (try playing a
    Thomas> CD and a .au file at the same time - if it works, you have
    Thomas> a multi-channel card). If your card is not multi-channel,
    Thomas> you must install the application."

    Thomas> First, multichannel only works on the pcm channel which
    Thomas> runs wave files, mp3 files, real audio, and of course
    Thomas> viavoice. The CDA channel which the audio cd's play on
    Thomas> have always been independant channels from the pcm
    Thomas> channel. of course, that means that all sound cards will
    Thomas> play audio and pcm channels at the same time. Which means
    Thomas> the only way to correctly test for multichannel is to play
    Thomas> more than one wave files at the same time or play wave
    Thomas> files with viavoice going, etc.  Also note some cards are
    Thomas> multichannel, but some Linux drivers don't support the
    Thomas> multichannel ability of the card.

    Thomas> Hth.

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