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Emacspeak and Streaming Audio?

There is an unfortunate tangling of issues that is happening all too
often on the WWW today and which is apparent in your questions.

You start with the question "How does one play streaming audio"
and then get yourself irrevocably tangled up in  web pages.

Why should users be limited to playing streaming audio from inside WWW

As "one possible means" of doing so WWW pages may be appropriate --but
to imprison the user in a WWW page full of ads and dancing dismos as
the price for listening to streaming audio is completely bogus.

Ask yourself the question "when you want to listen to a radio station
or a live sportscast --what  do you want to do?
A) Push a button and hear the content 
B) Spend 5 minutes clicking and looking at all the things you didn't
want before you hear the content 

If you want B emacspeak *is* *not* for you.

If you answer A --then you have want you want.

Rant Over--

You can play all of the formats from anywhere on the Emacspeak desktop
--not just from inside the Web Browser.

Playing flash and ShockWave wont do you much good if you cannot see
the output --

Emacspeak like any other good environment with a UNIX heritage relies
on other pieces to do the work of playing the stream --so you use an
appropriate external player.

For the more common ones including MP3 realaudio and  Windows Media
there are convenient ways of invoking those external players --but
again these are conveniences for Emacspeak--
what you would do with Emacspeak you could do on Linux without

 >>>>> "Daryl" == Daryl Croke <darylallan@hotmail.com> writes:

    Daryl> Hi
 I am writing an article about accessibility issues
    Daryl> and screen readers. Th e 
 deadline for the article is the
    Daryl> 30/11. The focus is using a screen reader to 
    Daryl> streaming audio.
 Below is a list of questions I'm
    Daryl> asking screen reader manufactures. Not a ll 
 of the
    Daryl> questions are relevent to Emacspeak though.
 Are there
    Daryl> any plans to port the product to another OS?
    Daryl> What 3rd party audio players does Emacspeak support?
    Daryl> Win Amp?
 Media Player?
 Real Player?
    Daryl> Mp3?
 Others? Linux based 3rd
    Daryl> party players?
 How does Emacspeak interact with 3rd
    Daryl> party audio players?
 Are there significant problems in
    Daryl> Interacting with 3rd party players?
 How does Emacspeak
    Daryl> play audio files?
 Can Emacspeak play mp3, aiff, wav or
    Daryl> au files?
 Can Emacspeak play "streaming" audio?
    Daryl> Should developers avoid pop-up players or seek to
    Daryl> embed players in the 
 actual web page?
 Could you
    Daryl> suggest the best method of playing streaming audio with 
    Daryl> Emacspeakt?
 Any assistance will be acknowledged in the
    Daryl> article.
 Thanks in Advance.
 Daryl Croke.
    Daryl> darylallan@mbox.com.au
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    Daryl> FREE*. 
    Daryl> http://join.msn.com/?page=features/featuredemail
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