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Emacspeak and Streaming Audio?


I am writing an article about accessibility issues and screen readers. The 
deadline for the article is the 30/11. The focus is using a screen reader to 
play streaming audio.

Below is a list of questions I'm asking screen reader manufactures. Not all 
of the questions are relevent to Emacspeak though.

Are there any plans to “port” the product to another OS?

What 3rd party audio players does Emacspeak support?

Win Amp?
Media Player?
Real Player?

Others? Linux based 3rd party players?

How does Emacspeak interact with 3rd party audio players?

Are there significant problems in Interacting with 3rd party players?

How does Emacspeak play audio files?

Can Emacspeak play mp3, aiff, wav or au files?

Can Emacspeak play "streaming" audio?

Should developers avoid “pop-up” players or seek to embed players in the 
actual web page?

Could you suggest the best method of playing streaming audio with 

Any assistance will be acknowledged in the article.

Thanks in Advance.

Daryl Croke.

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