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Re: software dectalk

Hi all,

  I am also interested with the news that Emacspeak supports DECTalk
software synth.  Hopefully it means that anyone wants to write
speech software using high-quality DECTalk software on Linux.

  But I'm wandering that the 'runtime' software sold in $50 by Fonix
is only 'runtime' not SDK.  Runtime may not need to include header
files, because the applications which use runtime can be provided in
only binary format.
To compile applications, we need DTK header files. But depending on
licensing policy, distribution of DTK header files can be restricted
only to developers who bought SDK, which costs $1,000 in minimum per year!
Whether headers and API documents is bundled or not may be only the
difference between $50 runtime and rather expensive SDK package.
It is very likely and reasonable for sellers.

If it is so, only way to distribute DTK soft speech servers in source
code may be loading shared libraries without using actual headers,
like outloud speech server does.
I hope it is not the case, because it can be next alternative of
outloud, which seems not actively supported by IBM.

Best regards

Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org> writes:

> Bart and I both bought the dectalk from www.fonix.com, as
> described in the DTK readme file.
> Raman, since you've written the speech server, do you have the
> header file somewhere?  fonix is out of office till december
> 2...

                    Koichi Inoue, ARGV
                    E-Mail: inoue@argv.org
                    ICQ UIN: 74900690

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