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Re: dectalk giving invalid command parameter

John -

I think you should try strace, which will run a program and generate a
trace of every system call.  It's a very powerful debugging tool.

I suggest you run emacspeak under strace, to get a record of exactly
what gets written to the device.  Something like this:

  strace -o log -ff -F -s 120 emacspeak  

Run it just long enough to generate the error message.  You'll get
several files (some pretty large) named log.XXX where XXX is a process
number.  One of them will be for tcl, which reads from emacs and
writes to the DECtalk.  Grep for the error message with something like

       grep -n invalid log.*

Then visit that file, and look at the preceding few lines to find what
was written to the device.

	    - Jim Van Zandt

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