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Re: dectalk software with Debian

"Nath" <nath31@ifrance.com> writes:

> Have you recent news concerning the install of Dectalk software with debian 

Well, the news are that there are no news from fonix so far.

> I ask you because I wrote to fonix two weeks ago to ask them how
> to obtain the french beta they mentionned on their web site and
> until now they haven't respond to me. So before contacting them
> again I would like to know if things are better or not concerning
> the install process.

The install process itself is flawless.  The only problem
is that the dtk-software speech server for emacspeak
hangs if used with the rtk shared object libraries.
i.e., the `say' binary works (even if it's buggy anyway,
it cuts of the last few sentences of a text-file if
specified via -fi (file-in)).

> and is the problem only appear with debian or is it the same wth
> other distribs ?

That is a good question.  I've asked here once if
anyone got the RTK version + dtk-software
speech server working.  No one answered, except
raman, how is using the SDK afaik.

I personally tested on 3 different debian boxes, no


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