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Re: software dectalk

"James R. Van Zandt" <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> writes:

> I suggest you try the Debian program "alien" to convert a .rpm file
> into a .deb package, which dpkg can install.  You may need to install
> some shared libraries too.

Alien has nothing to do with this.  All required files
are .tar.gz.

And, if we were missing some shared objects, I'd expect error messages
which point that way.  Last time I tried, this stuff
simply hung and sat there forever, without anything about
libraries or whatsoever.  Supprt@fonix.com did drop the case
it seems, never got any helpful replies.  30 days cost-free
installation support is over I guess...

But hey, I learned a lesson.  I now know why binary-only
software on Linux is really evil.


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