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Re: software dectalk

Mario Lang writes:
 > Supprt@fonix.com did drop the case
 > it seems, never got any helpful replies.  30 days cost-free
 > installation support is over I guess...

A couple of points:

1. They are doing a favour to the Emacspeak community by making their
   software available under Linux at reasonable prices.

2. They're probably inundated at the moment by queries from end users
   such as those on this list, so it may take time to process
   technical queries. They may also give priority to support inquiries
   from corporate
   licensees, as is surely reasonable from a business perspective.
 > <rant>
 > But hey, I learned a lesson.  I now know why binary-only
 > software on Linux is really evil.
 > </rant>

Well, you have every opportunity to contribute to the development of
open-source speech synthesis software if you so wish. Alternatively
you might somehow be able to find a commercial vendor that offers a
source license to a speech synthesis engine, probably at considerable
cost and subject to strict non-disclosure agreements. Actually, if
anyone were to offer the latter option I wouldn't mind paying for it
so long as the price wasn't totally out of my reach. I don't think
it's likely to happen, though.

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