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Choosing emacspeak!


I have been developing software using various tools on the Windows-system.
Unfortunately, we had to write new JFW-scripts for almost every new tool, in
order to work with it.

Now, I would like to lern emacspeak on a Linux system.
My questions:

1. Is it difficult to install emacspeak? Is there any documentation for
installing emacspeak? Is there any support, if the installation doesn't

2. How long will it take me to lern emacspeak for writing codes, using
email, Internet and reading news?

3. I used Unix-system many years ago. I found it annoying to type paths such
as \..\.. the whole time in order to find a file. On the Windows-system, it
is easy to go through the file-system. How is the using of the file-system
in emacspeak? Do I have to type the whole path in order to find a file?

4. Which software syntheses work at best with emacspeak?

5. Does the debugging in Java or Perl work well with emacspeak? I really
would appreciate your help.


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