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What is this problem with Via Voice

Well, as the error message says, "stdiosynth executable not found" I
guess means the error is due to stdiosynth not being found. So, the
solution is to determine why it works for root and one other user and
not for new users. 

1. Compare the PATH environment variable for the users where it works
to those where it does not. If they are different make them the same.

2. Check the permissions on the stdiosynth executable to make sure all
users can read/execute it. Try running it from the command line. If
the users which fail can't execute it, then adjust permissions

3. Compare all the environment settings between the users that work
(not root, some other user) and the users where it does not owrk and
try to identify some environment setting which is different.

4. Do and 'id' on the user which works and one which does not and see
if they are members of different groups. If the user who owrks is a
memeber of a group which the user who does not work is not also a
member of, find out what additional access rights membership of
that group gives and either change the access rights on stdiosynth
(or one of the directories leading to it) or add the user which
does not work to the same groups.

>>>>> "Vijay" == Vijay Kumar <vijayk@softhome.net> writes:

 Vijay> Hello All, This problem is been with Via Voice TTS. I had
 Vijay> installed Via Voice for the speech synthesizer for
 Vijay> emacspeak. The problem is, I am able to execute and test the
 Vijay> outloud script in /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers
 Vijay> specifically in two users one is root one other general user
 Vijay> without any priviledges and am getting an error in all other
 Vijay> users. Everything is working fine in root and one other user,
 Vijay> am getting the % prompt and am able to execute text to speech
 Vijay> commands and all is fine.  When I try to execute the outload
 Vijay> script on other users which are existing or are created new I
 Vijay> get the following error. What is the problem. How can I set it
 Vijay> right. Please reply me.

 Vijay> The error is as follows:
 Vijay> -----------------------------------------------------------
 Vijay> [vijaykumar@soyuz servers]$ ./outloud stdiosynth executable
 Vijay> not found Error: Internal tts synth error while executing
 Vijay> "synth {`v1 Via IBM Via Voice, `vb55 `vh55 `ar this `p20, is
 Vijay> Eamakspeak! }" (file "./outloud" line 287)
 Vijay> ----------------------------------------------------------- --
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