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What is this problem with Via Voice

Hello All,
	This problem is been with Via Voice TTS. I had installed Via Voice 
for the speech synthesizer for emacspeak. The problem is, I am able to 
execute and test the outloud script in 
	/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers specifically in two
users one is root one other general user without any priviledges  and
am getting an error in all other users. Everything is working fine in root
and one other user, am getting the % prompt and am able to execute text to
speech commands and all is fine.
	When I try to execute the outload script on other users which are 
existing or are created new I get the following error. What is the 
problem. How can I set it right. Please reply me.

The error is as follows:
[vijaykumar@soyuz servers]$ ./outloud 
stdiosynth executable not found 
Error: Internal tts synth error
    while executing
"synth {`v1 Via  IBM  Via Voice,
    `vb55 `vh55 `ar this `p20,  is   Eamakspeak! }"
    (file "./outloud" line 287)
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