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Emacspeak and apollo server

I have some problems with emacspeak and apollo server. I am not sure if these problems refer to emacspeak, the apollo server, or to myself... So I ask, and if I must read something please point me in the right direction.
I am using mandrake linux version 9.
I installed emacspeak and the server package with success.
The problems are the following:
1) when I use the left and right arrows nothing is spoken, while up and down arrows work ok.
2) Some time some messages are not spoken:
If I press c-h t, for the emacs tutorial a message pops up sayng that the file does not exists (probably it was not present in my emacs distribution) but emacspeak does not read this.
If I press c-h c-h emacspeak reads something like "scroll the list with space  or canc and choose an option), but no list of options is read.
Ok I stop here for the moment
Really thanks !

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