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Re: auditory icon functions

Dave Hunt writes:
 > What is the difference between the functions
 > `emacspeak-serve-auditory-icon and `emacspeak-play-auditory-icon?

A quick review of both functions in emacspeak-sounds.el shows the
difference to be that emacspeak-serve-auditory-icon uses a speech
server command to play the auditory icon, whereas
emacspeak-play-auditory-icon uses the program defined in

I may be mistaken, but I think emacspeak-serve-auditory-icon would be
the better function to call, as it allows the details of how the icon
is played to be determined by the speech server rather than by
whatever sound playing utility (typically Sox) is referred to by
emacspeak-play-program. Some of the speech servers use Midi and other
techniques to play auditory icons, which you would most likely bypass
if you used emacspeak-play-auditory-icon instead.

Disclaimer: I haven't read this part of the Emacspeak code before and
my understanding might therefore be fundamentally wrong.

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