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Emacspeak / Festival Installation Problems Resolved

My appreciation to Robert Chassell and Janina Sajka (AFB) from this list, 
as well as Cameron Spitzer of the Green Internet Society, James Jones, 
Director of IT Development for the Georgia Green Party and Tom Younkers of 
Dare Computers for each of your various contributions to my resolving the 
issues encountered as I've worked to get Adam Shapiro, our new Council 
member, on-line and in communication with a working computer.

In the end, after several educational but diversionary alleys along the 
way, it was the discovery that Debian has package files (albeit still in 
the testing section) ready to install flite and emacspeak, and the 
knowledge that I couldn't run emacspeak as the super user, which finally 
gave me my first successful test of the program, tonight.  I started 
researching this issue last June and obtained the hardware at the end of 
December.  After a few days of work over the past 45 or 50 days, I'm close 
to handing this new machine off, at last.

Now I could use some additional guidance from you Ms. Sajka, about 
installing those audible que's you had advised.  And I have to learn emacs, 
so I can teach it to Adam.  (I thought I'd done my part for text editors 
learning vi).  And then raise a couple of hundred dollars to fund a 
hardware synthesizer for his machine, so it might down the road support a 
kernel recompiled with Speak-up.

But, I'm close to being ready to turn this machine over to Adam.  Thank you 
everyone for your help on this.

-- Hugh Esco

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Vote Your Hopes, Not Your Fears!
Hugh Esco * hesco@greens.org * 706/ 896-6941 (hm- Hiawassee)
Executive Director * The Georgia Green Party
A Party of Compassion, the Politics of Hope!
POB 5332; Atlanta GA 31107 *  http://www.greens.org/georgia/
Chair, Voter Choice Coalition *  http://www.voterchoice.org/

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