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Re: Emacspeak-w3m announcing URI instead of anchor text?

Thats a very handy little tip - I too just upgraded w3m and found the
same problem. 

I have noticed one other small problem and have been planning to look
at it, but .....

Has anyone noticed that emacspeak-w3m fails to speak the url text
correctly if it only consists of 1 character? If you tab to a link
which has just a single character (e.g. a page number), instead of
saying 'one' or 'two' etc, you get 'not found' spoken instead. I'm
guessing its probably just a minor mis-calculation of the url text
which is perhaps returning 1 less than the number of actual characters
in the text and when you visit a single character link, it calculates
its length as 0, resulting in an incorrect 'not found' message.

Single character links are not that common, so its not been a major
problem, consequently its low on my todo list. I just thought I'd
check to see if others have found the same behavior and that nobody
else has looked at it yet.  

>>>>> "Dmitry" == Dmitry Paduchikh
<paduch@imm.uran.ru> writes:

 Dmitry> Try (remove-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook
 Dmitry> #'w3m-print-this-url)

>>>>> "JW" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU> writes:

 JW> Using W3m-el 1.3.3 and W3m 0.3, I notice that Emacspeak-w3m is
 JW> announcing the URI of each link whenever w3m-next-anchor (bound
 JW> to the tab key) is called.

 JW> I have updated Emacspeak to the latest version from CVS but the
 JW> problem persists. I have also looked into emacspeak-w3m.el; the
 JW> advice surrounding w3m-next-anchor does exactly what one would
 JW> expect - it invokes an audio icon, then calls the appropriate
 JW> function to speak the anchor text. Upon reading the code somewhat
 JW> further I couldn't find any obvious cause. I did notice that the
 JW> anchor text of the various links I visited appeared in the
 JW> "messages" buffer.

 JW> Before I try to delve into this further, are there any
 JW> suggestions?

 JW> The w3m-el package was taken from Debian, if this makes any
 JW> difference. I suspect there may be a version mismatch somewhere,
 JW> but this is only a guess.

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 Dmitry> Regards, Dmitri

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