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Dectalk software instructions???

I didn't even realise they had a demo version of the software for
Linux. Sorry, can't help as the purchased copy comes with an install
script and a command line program - no gtk+ stuff in the purchased
version. Sounds like the demo version is completely different to the
purchased version.

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Ward <slingshooter@valkyrie.net> writes:

 Thomas> Hi, list. Ok, I just downloaded the Dectalk software demo
 Thomas> from the Fonix site, but from there I am clueless what do do
 Thomas> about getting it setup with emacspeak.  I'm using the Red Hat
 Thomas> 8.0 distribution so libraries should be pretty compatible,
 Thomas> but I need some detailed directions on where I should put the
 Thomas> dectalk files, what export lines I need, etc.  Also do they
 Thomas> have some sort of commandline test application for this
 Thomas> thing? The only test app they have seams to be this gtk+ app
 Thomas> which doesn't talk worth a crap.  Any suggestions, comments,
 Thomas> help? Thanks.

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