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tclX build problem

Why are you building from source? Surely SuSE comes with tclx! It is
possible tcls is not installed as part of a normal installation - I
would check the SuSE CDs and use their pre-packaged version - will
make maintenance and upgrades a LOT simpler in the long run.

If you just want to build tclx for some academic exercise, then I
think your problem is due to the make process not being able to find
the tclConfig.sh script, but this is only a guess as I had no problems
building from sources on a Debian system. From the little I know, it
seems that when you install tcl, it creates a tclConfig.sh script
which is designed to be used when you are building tcl
applications. The script contains environment settings which can be
used to make building tcl apps easier. I'm guessing that since tclX is
an extension of tcl, it might look for this script. On my Debian box,
these scripts are found in /usr/lib/tcl8.3/tclConfig.sh and
/usr/lib/tclX8.3/tclXConfig.sh - however I stress this is just a guess
as I had no problems building these packages on my own Debian based

Actually, I just remembered something! From memory, I think you need
to have both the tcl and tk source trees installed on your system in
order to build tclX and tkX. If you have tcl and tk installed from the
basic SuSE installation, I will bet you don't have the source trees -
only the binary packages. This is probably what your error is due
to. You will probably have to install the sources for these packages
to build tclX.

I have to stress again - don't bother building tclX - get the binary
packages from the SuSE distribution - much much simpler. It is
possible these packages are not part of the standard install and are
on additional disks/cds or you might need to download them from the
SuSE site. I know nothing about SuSE, so I can't help with any
specific advice, but if SuSE does not have tclX already in some
package, it will be the first Linux distribution I have heard of which


>>>>> "B" == B Alan Mattison <alanm@abq.com> writes:

 B> In an effort to build emacspeak, I have been trying to build
 B> tclx8.3.5.  I keep getting the following error after issuing the
 B> configure command. "Can't find TCL configuration definitions"

 B> I'm trying to build under SuSE version 8, and as far as I can
 B> tell, I do have tcl and tk built and installed by the initial
 B> installer.

 B> Any suggestions?

 B> Alan Mattison

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