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Re: Reading daisy books.

Thomas Ward writes:
 > What am I doing wrong? How do I read daisy books with 
 > emacspeak?

In the first place, the book must conform to the Daisy/NISO 3.0
standard; Emacspeak doesn't support the older Daisy 2.0 specification
because it isn't XML-based, thus harder to implement. T.V. Raman is on
record as having said that he doesn't think much of Daisy 2.0, and on
that point I agree with him - version 3.0 is in my view a well
designed XML language that borrows appropriately from other standards
while adding just the features which the Daisy technical committee
thought necessary.

So, once you have a version 3.0-compliant book (of which I don't
possess any examples) you may be able to read it in Emacspeak, though
I am not sure whether the Emacspeak Daisy player is fully up to date
as regards the final 3.0 specification.

I don't have any Daisy books, and for that reason I have not played
with the Emacspeak Daisy player.

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