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DECTALK, Linux rt, installation problem

The error you are getting indicates the say program is unable to
locate the libtts.so shared library. On my system, when I ran the
install script, I was prompted for the licence number, which I entered
and then the install placed the shared libraries in /usr/local/lib. 

I suspect your install should have done something similar. Check the
library files are in the lib directory. If not, perhaps try running
the install script again. Make sure you are logged in as root when you
run this script. 

If the shared libraries are in /usr/local/lib, make sure the
permissions on the directory give you access - same goes for the lib
files themselves. 

If your still having problems, contact fonix - I believe you get 30
day ssupport as part of the purchase price.

>>>>> "Darvishy" == Darvishy Alireza (XHRE 999) <alireza.darvishy@csfs.com> writes:

 Darvishy> Hi, I have installed Linux red hat 8.0(professional edition
 Darvishy> )and try to install Dectalk.  I have the following
 Darvishy> problem. Could anybody help?

 Darvishy> I executed the install script in the DECtalk directory
 Darvishy> ./install

 Darvishy> However there is no indication of successful installation.

 Darvishy>  ./say

 Darvishy> gives the error message /say: error while loading shared
 Darvishy> libraries: libtts.so: cannot open shared object file: No
 Darvishy> such file or directory.

 Darvishy> Many thanks in advance.  regards Alireza


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