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Dectalk RT for Linux, redhat 8, emacspeak!

   Hi all,

 I have installed Linux red hat 8.0(professional edition
   )and try to install Dectalk RT for Linux.   After having some problems,
finally I could install  Dectalk RT for Linux, but the voice output is
always the same a very poor quality. I can not choos between female or male.
Trying command
"say -s and a number between 1-9"  doesn't help at all. The voice output  is
always  the same  a poor quality voice. I checked  the sound-card with
various sound-files and it sounds very good.
After the above step I tryed to install emacspeak, but I have no speech
output(hte emacs editor opens, but no voice...)!
My questions:
1. Do I need other software from Phonix, or it should be enough Dectalk RT
for Linux? I have the Dectalk RT for Linux from Phonix for ĻUS $50.00.
I have already send two emails to Phonix support without having any answer!
2. What is wrong with my Dectalk RT installation?
3. What is wrong with my emacspeak installation?

I would really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again for your help

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