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Re: Dectalk RT for Linux, redhat 8, emacspeak!


If I call the dtk-soft software, as written in this excellent howto, the 
following sentence is spoken: "Via  software DECtalk, this is emacspeak".

You will find at the following url a short C file which tries a simple test : 
just saying "Hello Hello dot" several times. A very short trace file will be 
written in the directory where you run it.

the url is :

you will have to compile it with in a shell terminal this command line:
gcc -o say4 say4.c /usr/local/lib/libtts.so /usr/local/lib/libtts_us.so

then just run:

1. Is the text said?
2. The simple trace file (named trace_us.txt), might look like that:

== Time: 1047326991 s 583169 us ==
 main Dtk_Init
== Time: 1047326991 s 722730 us ==
 main TextToSpeechSpeak
== Time: 1047326991 s 722845 us ==
 main TextToSpeechSync

Hoping it will help to find a solution,


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