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RE: Dectalk RT for Linux, redhat 8, emacspeak!

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Subject: Re: Dectalk RT for Linux, redhat 8, emacspeak!

>2.  I think your DECtalk installation is good because when you invoke "say"
>the tts speaks.

Yes it was possible now to use the say command with an output which was
understandable. The crucial point was to direct the output of the
say command into a wave file and then use the play command instead
of directly sending the output to the sound card. It seems to be
a speed problem of which the speech server hopefully will take care of.

>3. Have you tried to run the emacspeak speech server itself in order to
>test it before running Emacspeak ? The file is named dtk-soft and is
>located in the servers directory. So if you have installed emacspeak in the
>defaults paths the command is the following :
>Run this command and tell us the result.

I call following lines:
export EMACSPEAK_DIR=/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak
I get the output:
calling  tts startup
According to instruction,:
the program should say the  text you type, after you press return key. However it doesn't happen! 
I guess, that the above problem/error  is  due to the dtk-soft tcl script. 

and to run emacspeak, have you typed emacspeak -d on the command line ? The
"-d" option is used specially to tell emacspeak that the speech server is
the DECtalk software. Alternatively you can initalize the DTK_PROGRAM
environment variable as follow for bash shell :
export DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-soft

>Good luck !
I really appreciate your help.
Thanks again.


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On 08/03/03 at 07:34 Alireza Darvishy wrote:

>Hi all,
> I have installed Linux red hat 8.0(professional edition
>   )and try to install Dectalk RT for Linux.   After having some problems,
>finally I could install  Dectalk RT for Linux, but the voice output is
>always the same a very poor quality. I can not choos between female or
>Trying command
>"say -s and a number between 1-9"  doesn't help at all. The voice output 
>always  the same  a poor quality voice. I checked  the sound-card with
>various sound-files and it sounds very good.
>After the above step I tryed to install emacspeak, but I have no speech
>output(hte emacs editor opens, but no voice...)!
>My questions:
>1. Do I need other software from Phonix, or it should be enough Dectalk RT
>for Linux? I have the Dectalk RT for Linux from Phonix for ¨US $50.00.
>I have already send two emails to Phonix support without having any
>2. What is wrong with my Dectalk RT installation?
>3. What is wrong with my emacspeak installation?
>I would really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.
>Thanks again for your help
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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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