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Dismal 1.04; emacspeak 17.0; emacs 20.7


Since upgrading from emacspeak 15 to emacspeak 17, I am no longer able
to run dismal 1.04.  There is no library called "dismal-prepare",
anywhere on my system.  This library is mentioned in the file
"README-Blinux", in the dismal tarball.  Following the suggestions in
the "README" from the tarball, I loaded the source file
"dismal-mode-defaults.el", then tried to look at a sheet I'd
previously made with dismal and emacspeak 15.  Once the file "log.el"
loaded, I got a beep and the 'minibuffer' auditory icon, but lost many
key bindings.  The 'messages' buffer became unaccessible, since the
command "c-x c-b" became inoperative.  In fact, I couldn't even kill
emacs from the console in which I was working, and had to login as
'root' in another in order to stop it.  

Thank you for any suggestions on how I might fix this.



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