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Software DEC Talk

I downloaded the RT for Linux and ran the installer. I can't even get to first base, though. Running the 'say' program does NOT speak, but rather returns:

say: error while loading shared libraries: libtts.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Of course, being closed source, I have no notion of what object or shared library. I certainly have a libtts.so in /usr/local/lib. This is happening both with ALSA and
OSS, in both Red Hat 8.0 and Red Hat Phoebe installations. Anyone else seen this? Is there a cure short of disputing the credit card charge?

Tim Cross writes:
> From: Tim Cross <tcross@pobox.une.edu.au>
> I am assuming you have been able to execute the "say" demo program
> which comes with the software dectalk and you have compiled the tcldtk
> shared library in the software-dtk directory. 
> Have you followed the instructions in the emacspeak Makefile? In
> particular the following section 
> ,----
> | # Assuming you're using dtk-exp: 
> | # Check that the dtk-exp can be run by typing
> | #    tcl <emacspeak-dir>/dtk-exp 
> | # You should hear the Dectalk speak and get a TCL prompt if everything is okay.
> | # Next, check that your serial port is working correctly, and that your stty 
> | # settings are correct. You can do this by executing the following sequence 
> | # of TCL commands in the TCL session you just started:
> | #q {this is a test. }; d
> | # should speak the text within the braces.
> | #    s
> | # The above command stops speech.
> `----
> For the software dectalk, you would need the server "dtk-soft"
> instead of "dtk-exp"
> There is no specific instructions for setting up the software dectalk
> and emacspeak as far as I know. However, the procedures for setting up
> any of the emacspeak speech servers are all fairly similar and you
> should be able to work it out.
> If you can't get it to work, then you need to post more specific
> details. In particular 
> 1. What have you set the various emacspeak related environment
>    variables to (see the Makefile and info documentation for details).
> 2. What is in your .emacs file.
> 3. How are you starting emacspeak.
> >>>>> "Alireza" == Alireza Darvishy <adiy@tiscalinet.ch> writes:
>  Alireza> Hello, I could install Linux redhat, Dectalk RT for Linux on
>  Alireza> my machine. I tryed to install emacspeak. By calling
>  Alireza> emacspeak, the emacs comes without any speech output and an
>  Alireza> error indicating that speech-server is not ready....  Than I
>  Alireza> tryed to call speech-server, but I get the following
>  Alireza> text-output: " calling tts startup..."  And than nothings
>  Alireza> comes.
>  Alireza> My questions: 1. Could somebody on this list tell me, what I
>  Alireza> should check/configure in order to run the speech-server
>  Alireza> alone and with emacspeak?  2. Is there any documentation for
>  Alireza> configuring decktalk software, speech-server and emacspeak?
>  Alireza> I really appreciate your help.  Thanks again in advance.
>  Alireza> Alireza
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