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w3 works in emacs but not in emacspeak

Still trying to get to the web before my job interview Friday. I have SUSE 
8.0 installed on a Gateway laptop with emacs 21.2.1. I can't seem to get 
lynx to work so I decided to give w3 another try.

When I try to run w3 in emacspeak, I get a message that says ""Cannot open 
load file: w3". I decided to try it in plain emacs. I logged in via ssh 
from my PC running Jaws and ran plain emacs. W3 worked fine. M-x we gave me 
the w3 homepage And I was able to get to other pages via the w3-fetch command.

I was running emacspeak 16.0 so I downloaded and installed 17.0. And then I 
reinstalled w3. Same thing. M-x we gives me the ""Cannot open load file: 
w3" message and w3-fetch says "not found". But it works in plain emacs.

I also took everything out of my .emacs file but this one line:

(autoload 'w3 "w3" "Interface for w3 on Emacs." t)

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