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Re: emacspeak with cs4281

	I'm using the oss drivers that came with rh8. Sndconfig finds/installs
the correct module. My laptop is a 700 mhz toshiba satellite 1735 with
192 mb of ram and a 10 gb hard drive. 
	On control e control s i tried that and it did not restore the speech.

On Sun, 30 Mar 2003 11:54:39 +1000 RAYNER Peter <peter.rayner@csiro.au>
> I'm using a CS4281 on RH7.1 and VV.  It crashes from time to time but
> not often enough to get irritating, ctrl-e ctrl-s gets me up and 
> going
> again.  Are you using ALSA or OSS?  What's the rest of your 
> hardware?
> Peter

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