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Probllems encountered when using Mew

Hi all,

I'm totally newbie on using Emacs + Emacspeak but want to use it now day
to day. So my first goal is to have a functionning mail reader. I choose
Mew as my mail reader but  I encounter some difficulties to configure it
properly. For example I want to  use two pop accounts but switching from
an account to  the other is difficult for  me actually because certainly
my .mew.el  file doesn't contain the good  things. I made a  lot of RTFM
before posting here but don't find  the good solution. Another thing : I
have problems with the encoding charset.  I live in France and so I want
to send messages coded in iso-8859-15.  I installed Mule as and set some
varialbes in  the .mew.el and .emacs  in order to  have the iso-8859-15,
when I write  my messages the text is correctly  displayed on the screen
but when  I ask to send  the message Mew  ask me to choose  the encoding
system between 4 encoding systems.  I tried these 4 possibilities but my
messages are always sent encoded in utf-8 ! 
So if someone here is using Mew as me, please help me ! I think Mew is a
good mail reader but to configure it properly ... 
Thankx in advance. 


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