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Re: Probllems encountered when using Mew

Hi, Nath:

I'm using Mew4.

On Mon, 07 Apr 2003 01:16:57 +0200 (CEST)
Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> wrote:

> For example I want to  use two pop accounts but switching from
> an account to  the other is difficult for  me actually because certainly
> my .mew.el  file doesn't contain the good  things. 

I have some POP account and switching. Please show 'mew-config-alist'

For example:

(setq mew-config-alist
	 ("name" . "切明政憲 (KIRIAKE Masanori)")
	 ("user" . "ji6czd")
	 ("mail-domain" . "ybb.ne.jp")
	 ("smtp-server" . "ybbsmtp.mail.yahoo.co.jp")
	 ("pop-server" . "ybbpop.mail.yahoo.co.jp")
	 ("pop-auth" . pass)
	 ("pop-user" . "ji6czd"))
	 ("name" . "切明政憲 (KIRIAKE Masanori)")
	 ("user" . "seiken")
	 ("nntp-server" . "news1.dion.ne.jp")
	 ("mail-domain" . "ARGV.org")
	 ("smtp-server" . "localhost")
	 ("pop-server" . "mocha.argv.org")
	 ("pop-size" . 0)
	 ("pop-auth" . pass)
	 ("pop-user" . "seiken"))))

You can switch 'C' key in summary mode.


--- Sei Ken

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