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Problem when using W3m

Hello all,

After resolving  some problems with Mew  I come back with  a big problem
concerning W"m. My system :
emacspeak  17.0,  w3m  0.3-2.4  on  a Debian  Woody  system  (with  also
w3m-ssl), emacs-w3m.el 1.3.3
I have removed the w3 browser. 
When  I  launch emacspeak,  the  following  messages  are shown  on  the
mini-buffer and also in the compile-log buffer :
** reference to free variable emacspeak-w3-xsl-p
** reference to free variable emacspeak-w3-xsl-transform
Now when I launch w3m by typing M-x w3m and after that ask for a website
typing 'g', the following error messages appear in the Messages buffer :
Reading http://www.free.fr... (Type `C-c C-k' to stop asynchronous process)
You appear to be using an old version of W3
that is no longer supported by Emacspeak.
require: Symbol's value as variable is void: w3-mode-map

I don't  understand all these  things. I removed  w3 and use w3m  and it
talks always about w3 in the error messages. 

What do you think about that ? Have you ever encounter a such problem ? 

If you can help me, thanks in advance. 


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