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Developing softwares


I am a still sighted developer.
I guess that blind or low sighted developers rely on rules or software tools 
so that they may more easily manage the sources.

Do you know if they are usual 'coding rules'?
E.g. in the (rare) C code of emacspeak, TVR starts a section with an opened 
tag < and closed it with >
For example:

//<set output wave buffer
C code

With elisp, there are {{{ and }}} 
# {{{ speech task
elisp code
 # }}}

Besides it, there are probably tools through emacspeak and emacs (as etags) 
which might help to 'summarize' the source.

Could you please share your knowledge about it?
Many thanks for your answers,


Gilles Casse   gcasse@helis.org

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